Case Study – Nebraska Outdoor U!

Nebraska Outdoor UWe created the Nebraska OutdoorU! site which joins the community of outdoors men, women and children and allows them to be awarded points, badges and free gifts simply by enjoying the outdoors.

Our customer is able to access an admin area so they can pull and export reports such as: a participant list, activity and volunteer hours and keep track of incentives they have sent out to participants for achieving certain outdoor goals. The admin area also features the ability for the customer to customize goals, quizzes and pathway information for the end user.

The end users are able to login (using the standard login or Facebook integration) or create an account which can be an individual or a group account (allowing the user to create one login and have multiple profiles within it). Once logged in they can manage their profile picture or information, take quizzes, complete pathways, update their volunteer hours and set goals to achieve points, badges or free gifts. The My Account page contains a summary of all of the users’ achievements, leaderboard, friend list and a combined Nebraska OutdoorU! and Nebraska Game and Parks Twitter feed. The My Account page also lists posts from other NOU! friends and the user as well as system generated posts based on achievements. The user can even create a post and manage the visibility which allows them to delete or make a post private. These posts can also be shared to Facebook via the integrated Share button. Under the NOU! Friends page you can search for other NOU! members, send your friends not in the NOU! community an invite via email or Facebook, view your friend’s profiles and manage friend requests. All NOU! community friends must be approved before they are connected and can be removed at any time. On the Pathways and Goals pages a user can also view their own progress and see how they compare to other users.

The customer has been able to easily update and customize their site and is excited with the end result. They currently have over 2,400 end users utilizing this site and the response has been very positive as the customer promotes the site at outdoor workshops and conventions.