Custom Software and Database Development

Custom software development is a significant part of our business model. We design custom software and e-commerce applications, and we host and manage mission-critical infrastructure for our clients. We also provide system design and support services, and we offer network security products and security consulting.

These days almost all software applications, whether they’re used in-house or are accessible by your customers – are web-centric. Front-end and back-end services are often tightly interconnected and require a combination of skill sets to implement. We’ve been building database-driven websites since the Internet became commercially available, and have the knowledge base and software tools to take your business to the next level. Ken Livingston and Mark Dahmke founded information Analytics in 1995. Together they bring over 50 years of combined experience in software design, computer graphics and operating systems. We’ve assembled a team of programmers and web designers who have experience building large sites in ASP, PHP and ASP.NET.

We build and maintain custom software applications that are as diverse as e-business online order entry, Intranet and dealer/distributor communications and embedded software design for real-time process control applications. For example, we could integrate a secure online order form with your in-house order processing and inventory control system, develop embedded control software for your product, and web-enable the product so it can send quality assurance data back to your customer database.

We’ve developed and host applications for hundreds of clients. eXmark Manufacturing, a division of Toro, relies on Information Analytics to host their website and their dealer/distributor extranet. The extranet allows them to communicate effectively with all their dealers and distributors. Snitily Carr, a Lincoln-based ad agency, uses Information Analytics to host most of their clients’ websites, and we provide back-end database and programming support. We work with other area ad agencies and independent web designers to provide the programming and database support for their web applications.

We offer solutions, not just canned products. We want to gain a firm understanding of your business and provide relevant and cost-effective solutions to help you grow. We try to be adaptable and flexible, tailoring customized solutions and off-the-shelf applications to fit your needs.

Typical Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Intranet, Extranet
  • Storefronts, E-commerce
  • Embedded Control Software
  • Order tracking
  • Dealer/distributer communications
  • Newspapers, media websites
  • Mapping applications
  • Integration with Paypal,, etc.

Platforms and Software

  • VB.NET
  • Classic ASP
  • PHP