Dedicated and Colocated Hosting Services

Dedicated or Leased Server Hosting

If you need a dedicated platform to develop a large application, we can provide all the performance, reliability and security you need. You’ll get a dedicated server with mirrored or RAID drives, nightly backup, redundant UPS battery and generator backup and full 24×7 monitoring. We’ll install either Windows 2008 or 2012 running IIS or Linux (Apache web server). MySQL, Firebird, MS SQL server, Joomla, WordPress and other applications are optional.

We can also configure geographically distributed, redundant servers that are appropriate for large applications that get millions of hits a day. Contact us for details.

Unmanaged, Do-it-Yourself Hosting

If all you need is space on a web server and bandwidth, we offer several hosting packages that will suit your needs. These packages are designed for customers who have the in-house technical skills to operate and maintain their own website, and develop their own applications, databases and scripts.

Contact us for dedicated/leased server pricing. See below for colocation rates.

Colocation Pricing

Half rack (<20 Amps)$625$500
One third rack (14U) (<10 Amps)$425$400
Single server (3U-4U) (<750 Watts)$165$150
Single server (1U-2U) (< 500 Watts)$145$150
Mac Mini or Mini-ITX case (< 60 Watts)$45$25
Network connectivity alertsIncluded
Service monitoring1 included
IP Addresses: 1 included, additional: $5/month/address.
Bandwidth: 50GB/month included with each package except for the Mac Mini/Mini-ITX which is 20GB/mo. Contact us for rates on additional bandwidth.
Other colocation ServicesMonthlySetup
Network device management (per device)$50$50
Server management/support (1 yr contract)$99 for 1 hr/month$50
Additional consulting (per hour)$99/hour
Backups – contact us.
Dedicated firewall – contact us for a quote.

Service and support is unbundled on all rates quoted above. Hands-on support, hardware, software or server administration will be billed at our $99/hour rate.

One network monitor is included for each device. For example, we could monitor HTTP on port 80 or SMTP on port 25 and send you email or SMS alerts if the service goes down. Additional monitors can be configured at $5/month per service monitored.

Bandwidth (in and out) is priced separately. 50GB per month is included for each account (not each device).

The contract rate for server management/support is $99/month with a minimum of one hour per month over a one year term.

Operating system and other server software is NOT included in colocation rates shown above. We can provide a quote for installation and/or monthly costs for Windows or Linux.

Dedicated Hosting Scenarios

Scenario One: a dedicated web, database and email server. In this scenario, we would provide a server on a month to month rate that could be used to host your website, a product database and your email. We would take care of OS patches, backups, hardware maintenance and monitoring. You would have remote admin access to manage the server, or you could let us take care of software installation and maintenance.

Scenario Two: Colocated Server. In this scenario, you would purchase the server, or relocate your existing server to our data center. We can manage it for you, or you can have remote access. We can take care of hardware maintenance, or allow escorted access to you in the event that hardware maintenance is required.

Scenario Three: One or more dedicated servers with a stand-alone network. In this scenario, you need to additional security and isolation, and possibly a VPN connection to your servers. We can setup a dedicated firewall and block of IP addresses that will isolate your servers to a separate LAN.

Call us with your requirements – we will customize a solution for you.

In all of the above scenarios, we can provide the software and operating system, or you can buy your own software licenses. In the case of Microsoft licenses, as a service provider, we are required to use their SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) which is more like a monthly rental. This applies to all Microsoft products, including Windows Server, MSSQL, Exchange and CRM.