E-mail Support

If you host your own domain name, we can create email accounts using that domain. We support POP3 and IMAP, which can be used with email packages such as Outlook or Eudora. We can also set up forwarding accounts, to go to your existing email account.

For example, if you have registered a domain name that we host on our DNS server, we can configure addresses such as:


These addresses can be set up as POP accounts which reside on our mail server. You can then use Outlook, or any other email package to access the account. In this scenario, you would use this POP account instead of the mail account provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Important: we no longer recommend forwarding mail to existing accounts from our mail server. This is due to a change in policy at many ISPs, including Windstream and AOL. Their spam filters are unable to tell the difference between forwarded mail and mail originating elsewhere that looks like spam, and might start blocking all of your forwarded mail.

How to Configure S/MIME for Receipt of Secure Email If we have configured a secure form on your website that is used to send sensitive information to you by email, you will need to install an S/MIME certificate in your mail client (i.e., MS Outlook). Please follow these instructions to install your certificate.

IMAIL Remote Administration

IMAIL has a web-based remote administration interface. Most of the domains and mailboxes we host can use this interface to change passwords and view mail in their mailboxes. Click here to download directions. If you have any questions about your mailboxes, contact us at 402-477-8300.

IMail Webmail

IMAIL and Barracuda User’s Guides

For more information on IMAIL see the IMAIL User Guide. The guide explains how to manage your IMAIL mailboxes, setup inbound rules, etc.

If you use our Barracuda Antispam service, you can also customize how your mail is filtered. See the Barracuda Spam Firewall Guide for details.

How to Configure Email Accounts

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Email Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions
Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Problems
Troubleshooting FTP Problems
Troubleshooting Email Problems

NOTE: if we host your email accounts, we prefer that you use your ISP for outgoing mail. However, if you can’t use their server for some reason, you can use ours, but you’ll need to configure your mail program to use SMTP authentication. Contact us if you will be using this service.

In-house Mail Server Options

If you have an in-house mail server and DSL or cable modem connection, we strongly recommend setting up your server to directly accept incoming mail. We no longer support mail relay through our mail server. We now offer the Barracuda Anti-spam, anti-virus service. We can configure our Barracuda to accept your incoming mail and forward it to your in-house mail server. Your in-house server can then be firewalled to only accept mail from us. This way all mail is checked before it reaches your server. For more information and pricing, please call or email us.