Configuring Email Using Mozilla Thunderbird 2

In this example, the username is “jsmith” and your domain name is “”. You’ll need to substitute your username and domain accordingly. After installing Thunderbird, select File, New Account, and select the Account Wizard.

Next, select “Email Account” and press Next.

Enter your full name, as you’d like it displayed in the FROM field of your email messages, and enter your email address, as shown, and press Next.

Select “POP” (or IMAP) as desired, and enter your incoming and outgoing mail server name. We recommend using your domain name for the incoming server (this will be configured for you when we set up your account). The outgoing mail server should be that of your ISP (such as Windstream), however in some cases ISPs restrict the use of their mail server to only domains that they host, so if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to use our mail server (same as incoming) for your outgoing mail.

The next page shows the incoming and outgoing account names, as defined on the server. In some cases it might be necessary to include the full email address in the incoming server name – in this case

Last, you can select the name you’d like as the “display name” in Thunderbird for this account. You can just take the default, and press Next.

Confirm your settings and press Finish. Thunderbird will attempt to check your mail and will report any connection problems.


  • Please use your ISP’s mail server for outgoing mail.
  • If you can’t use your ISP’s mail server for outgoing mail, you can use ours. Set the outgoing server name to the same as incoming (for example, and check the “my server requires authentication” checkbox.
  • If you configure Thunderbird to check for mail periodically, please don’t check it more frequently than every 10 minutes. Checking more frequently places an extra load on our mail server and wastes bandwidth.