How to Configure Eudora Email

This page describes how to configure mail accounts if you’re using mailboxes hosted on our server. Assuming that you’re using Eudora 3.0 or later to access your mailbox, click on Tools on the menu bar, then Options You’ll see something similar to the following screen:

Next, click on Getting Started from the screen above.

Fill in the name of your mail account (e.g. in the Pop account field.

On the same screen, fill in your name (e.g. Jane Smith) in the Real name field.

Finally on that screen, enter your email address (e.g. in the Return address field.

When we configure your mail accounts, we always configure a machine name called where is whatever domain name you’ve registered. Use this as your incoming or POP mail server.

Next, click on Hosts. You will see the screen above.

Now, type in the mail server you will use for outgoing mail in the SMTP field.

Normally this is your ISP’s mail server.


  • Never enter something like in the return address field. Use your preferred email address (for example
  • Never enter just in the incoming mail server field. always include the prefix mail. on the domain name.
  • The outgoing mail server should be your ISP’s server.
  • The Organization field is optional.
  • The Signature field is optional, but you can use it to add an automatic “signature” file to the end of each message.