How to Install an S/MIME Certificate in MS Outlook

Step 1

We will either email your certificate and call you with the password, or send it to you on a CD. If you receive it by email, save the attachment to your “my documents” folder.
Step 2

In Outlook, click on Tools and then Options, as shown, then click on the “Security” tab, across the top.
Step 3

On the security tab, click on the Import/Export button.
Step 4

You will see this dialog box. Click on “Import existing Digital ID from File.” Click on browse to select the file you saved earlier, in My Documents. Next, enter the password we sent you, and put your full name in the Digital ID box. Last, click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box.
Step 5

You will see this dialog box. Click OK to continue. Close any remaining dialog boxes, and return to your inbox.
Step 6

Next, please contact us to let us know that you’ve installed the certificate. We will send a test message. When you receive the test message, you should see a padlock icon on the far right side of the message header. Click on the padlock.
Step 7

After you click on the padlock, you should see this dialog. Click on Encryption layer to highlight it, then click on “View Details…”
Step 8

In this dialog box, click on “View Certificate.”
Step 9

Click on the “Trust” Tab at the top, then click on “Explicitly trust this certificate.” Then click “OK”. Your certificate is now ready to use. Please let us know so we can send another test message, and then test the form on your website that sends encrypted messages. You can click on “OK” to close any remaining dialog boxes, and return to your inbox.