• IT Support

    Information Analytics has over eighteen years of experience as a web hosting and software design company. We operate and manage over forty servers including dedicated customer servers, plus multiple firewalls and workstations. Our up-time reliability exceeds 99.97%. We know how to manage a large IT shop, and we can apply that knowledge and experience to your office network. You can call us for any level of IT support, from fixing a PC hard drive, to designing and installing an entire office network. [More info…]

  • Network Security Audits & Scanning Services

    Is your network’s back door open? Three out of four small business networks are vulnerable to attacks due to poor network security. Because of this lack of security, hackers and virus creators are targeting small businesses around the world. Are you letting them into your network? For more information on our network security scanning services, see http://www.networksecuritycheck.com/.

  • Managed Services

    Through our managed IT services, we will maintain 24/7 watch over your entire IT environment, identify and analyze server “events” for potential problems, remediate processes or services that fail, monitor servers and ensure security patches and anti-virus protocols are up to date, ensure that data backups are completed, install patches and implement service packs, and manage and secure mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). For more information on our managed services, see http://www.runmynetwork.com/.