Adding Images for Use

For Joomla 1.5

Begin by going under the Site menu option, then go to Media Manager

For Joomla 2.5

Begin by going under the Content menu option, then go to Media Manager

From this page you can add and edit photos and add and delete folders. To create a new folder, type in a name in the file row after the backslash then press Create Folder. This will create a new folder in the file space for you to upload photos to.(Ex. /home/

  1. Select the folder you wish to insert photos into
  2. Click Browse Files at the bottom to find photos saved onto your computer that you wish to upload
  3. After finding the appropriate file, select Start Upload. This will upload your photo to the server and it will appear in the files area shortly
  4. Repeat as often as needed to include all the photos you wish to add to your website. These files are now able to be added as pictures into your articles

You can also delete any photos that you want by clicking the red X under the specific photos, or by selecting the box under multiple photos and then clicking Delete in the Top Right Menu.