Awareity’s MOAT™: SUPERIOR AWARENESS made simple.

Security Awareness Training and Policy Management — MOAT gives you both tools in one easy-to-use web-based package.

MOAT™ Bridges gaps and removes barriers between Technology, People and Processes so your organization can modernize compliance, internal controls, secure information sharing and record management/retention efforts.

Awareity’s MOAT™ [Managed Ongoing Awareness Tools] delivers a comprehensive suite of innovative, proven and award-winning solutions that every organization needs:

  • Policy Management Tool
  • Plan Management Tool
  • Confidential Alerts & Notifications
  • Content Integration Tool
  • Award Winning Awareness Modules
  • Anonymous Incident Reporting Tool
  • Secure Information/Intelligence Sharing
  • Secure & Offsite Record Retention
  • Easy Anytime Access via Internet
  • Real-time “Acknowledgement” Tracking
  • Low-cost Subscription Model