Web and Email Hosting Support Policy

Our support team is responsible for supporting the default configurations of our servers. This includes the initial setup and configuration of the third-party features included with the account as outlined on our service description pages. Requests for changes to the default configuration of the web server to add or delete features, change passwords or perform other maintenance tasks as requested by the customer will be charged a setup fee as published in our list of other services, or will be billed at our regular hourly programming rates.

It is important to note that a number of technical issues are considered unsupported– they fall outside of our technical support boundaries for web hosting services. As such, the customer is not guaranteed any form of free assistance from Information Analytics.

Please also note that we do offer programming, website design and content development services, and we do provide support (at regular hourly rates) for the applications we develop. The purpose of this list is to define our support policy for web and email hosting. If you would like us to modify existing applications please contact us for a price quote.

We do not generally provide any free help desk support for the following issues. We will be happy to provide support, but at our regular hourly rates.

  • Custom configuration (by the customer) and detailed usability questions pertaining to your included third-party features. These questions must be directed to the third-party vendor.
  • Questions related to a third-party product or script that the customer introduces to the server. These questions must be directed to the third-party vendor or creator of the script.
  • Server connectivity to your site (not responding by domain or IP address)
  • Investigation of email send/receive problems and Barracuda anti-spam service problems
  • Inability to connect with FTP or Front Page via domain or IP address
  • Inability to upload files via FTP
  • Your Internet connection
  • HTML creation
  • CGI script creation
  • Javascript issues
  • Browser-dependent formatting (different appearance from one browser to the next)
  • Design issues
  • Custom graphics or counters
  • Issues related to credit card merchant account creation, billing, or other account issues.
  • Assistance in the integration of authorize.net or other payment mechanisms into your website, please contact us for an estimate.
  • Database creation or maintenance.
  • ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Cold Fusion or other scripting languages, other than to ensure that these features work correctly on your website, if included in your hosting package.

For Joomla, WordPress and other Content Management Packages offered as part of our hosting packages

We will provide installation and setup support to ensure that the content manager you have requested is functioning and allows you to login to the administration area. We do not offer free support for issues related to adding content and graphics, or training on the use of the content manager. The exception to this is if you have selected a hosting package that specifically provides free support and content updates.

We will automatically apply patches and minor version (i.e., v1.5 to v1.6) updates to all Joomla sites that we have installed for customers, to ensure that security is maintained. We are not responsible for customer-applied patches or modifications to the officially released versions of Joomla, Joomla templates, Joomla plug-ins or other add-on modules and components. We do not support any third-party add-on components and modules that we have not tested, and strongly discourage customer installation of untested plug-ins. Some third-party components may not function even after minor version upgrades. We are not responsible for, nor can we provide free support for third-party components that are untested and unapproved, even across minor version upgrades.

We will not automatically upgrade Joomla sites to the next major version (i.e., version 1.5 to version 2.0) since major version upgrades are not guaranteed to be compatible with the previous version. Autmoatic major version upgrades are not included in our hosted Joomla applications. If you would like a quote for assistance with an upgrade to a new version, please contact us.

For all issues related to web design, scripting, graphics, programming and databases, please contact us for a cost estimate. Our web development team is available for programming, debugging, and/or cgi/script requests at our regular hourly programming rates.

Contacting Information Analytics

When contacting us for support, please include:

  • Your domain name
  • Your customer number
  • Your name, phone and email address

Last revision: December 20, 2011