Web Hosting Rates

Bandwidth Disk
Mailboxes Setup Monthly
Standard Hosting 20GB 5GB 50 $30 $29.95
Business Pro 40GB 7GB 50 $30 $49.95
Commerce Hosting 60GB 7GB 75 $40 $62.95
Professional Hosting 75GB 10GB 100 $60 $79.95
Enterprise Hosting 75GB 10GB 200 $60 $124.95
High Availability Hosting 100GB 10GB 200 $200 $199.95

We offer a 7% discount with prepaid annual hosting, 5% discount for prepaid semi-annual hosting and a 3% discount for prepaid quarterly hosting.

Anti-spam mailboxes may be added to any hosting package. We also offer anti-spam filtering without web hosting. We can host your mailboxes on our server, or provide anti-spam filtering for your mail server. Click here to use our email/anti-spam rate calculator.

Domain registration is not included in the above hosting rates. Domain names start at $20 per year. Domain prices are shown here.

The above packages can be configured on either a Windows or Linux server. The features offered on each server platform are noted.

Feature Windows Server Cent OS Linux
Web server Microsoft IIS Apache 2
Scripting * ASP
PHP 5.3
Databases Firebird 2
MySQL 5.1
MySQL 5.1
Front Page No No
FTP Access Yes Yes
Joomla! No Yes
WordPress No Yes
SSL Certificate *** Yes Yes

* We do not support CGI or .htaccess for security reasons
*** There is an extra charge for SSL Certificates
There is no extra charge for multiple databases or ODBC entries, but we include database storage as part of your disk space allocation.